Thursday, January 20, 2011

Starfleet Commander aka SFC

My previous addiction. A very cool online game with real time attacks. NOT Star Trek related although you will find some followers there.  Can be played on or off of Facebook.  If you like strategy games, this is the best free game for you. There are various versions of the game and various ways to be a player.  I have since retired, but if any of my gamer friends would like their referral link added, give me a shout.

The original game, started in Sept. 09 aka my former addiction with 100 galaxies.
Began in Feb. 2010. Faster ships and building times. BFG (Blue Frog Gaming) realized that 100 galaxies was too large and has since lowered to only 20 galaxies for all games thereafter. (Note: Each galaxy has 499 systems. Each system has 15 planets.)

Began in Sept. 2010. Much better mining, which means better "income."

Began in Dec. 2010. Similar to Uni 2, but faster like SFCX. 

(Note to players, I didn't forget Mafia Boss, but it's stupid LOL)

The reasoning behind the "same" game being recreated with these changes instead of simply changing the original game is so that "newer" players will be on the same playing field and have a chance at being a top dog as opposed to someone that has been playing for over a year.  If you're interested in the game, I suggest trying one out, if you like it, learn as much as you can so that when the new universe comes out, you'll be at your best.

Also check out the forums and the Wiki to learn more:  
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