Thursday, January 20, 2011

This is me...

This is me:

This is a doormat:



Now, if you have difficulty distinguishing between the two, I don't think glasses will help and a visit to the optometrist would be a complete waste of your time.  So, all I can suggest is that you stop trying to talk to me, because I won't waste my time on you. 

Note: This blog is not directed at any one person. If you have this overwhelming urge to give me a piece of your mind or feel that it's directed at you, then it is and you should reread the red sentence.


  1. I am missing from Tuhis' wonderful drawing of the ladies of SFC! : (


  2. She will probably add you in if you ask her too. I suspect she did us each separately and then put it together.
    She's great isn't she. I love the hot tub one!

  3. The blog looks good!! Look forward to reading it!!